Ports of call – Kusadasi, Turkey

Oct 12 - Kusadasi32

unnamed-3Kusadasi on the Southern Aegean Sea coast is one of the most important tourist centres of Turkey.  Tourists arrive here mainly to visit the many historical sitesMap - Athens to Kusadasi such as Ephesus, Priene, Miletus and Didim, as well as some of the Turkey’s best beaches.  Kusadasi is a major harbour in Anatolia that leads to the Mediterranean Sea.  Remains of ancientOct 12 - Kusadasi36 cities are still visible underwater.  The name Kusadasi meaning ‘island of birds’ named after Pigeon Island in the harbour, now connected to Oct 12 - Constellation at Kusadasi4the city by a breakwater.  The fortress on Pigeon Island built in the Byzantine era, and restored in 1834 is one of the first sights you see from the ship as you approach the pier.

Oct 12 - Kusadasi04 Oct 12 - Kusadasi09Oct 12 - Kusadasi01

The route into the city from the piers are arranged so that cruise ship passengers pass through the markets where hawkers hassle you trying to sell their carpets, leather goods, watches and knick-knacks.

Oct 12 - Kusadasi24Oct 12 - Kusadasi19 Oct 12 - Kusadasi17 Oct 12 - Kusadasi38Oct 12 - Kusadasi26Oct 12 - Kusadasi35Oct 12 - Kusadasi12 Oct 12 - Kusadasi13Oct 12 - Kusadasi28Oct 12 - Kusadasi14

Oct 12 - Kusadasi11

Oct 12 - Ephesus11

Oct 12 - Ephesus10Oct 12 - Ephesus52


We were advised that passengers wanting to go on to Ephesus should be prepared for unnamed-2about 2 km of walking on uneven surfaces and hilly conditions.  Because I had walked quite a bit in Athens and Mykonos, I decided to stay on board the Constellation in port.  However Arlene along with Frank and Cathy were up to the task and when they returned a few hours later they raved about how great this shore excursion was.  Here are some pictures that Arlene took at the ruins of Ephesus.

Oct 12 - Ephesus57Oct 12 - Ephesus49Oct 12 - Ephesus34Oct 12 - Ephesus42

Oct 12 - Ephesus54

Oct 12 - Ephesus68lowresOct 12 - Ephesus62

Oct 12 - Ephesus37Oct 12 - Ephesus51Oct 12 - Ephesus24Oct 12 - Ephesus35Oct 12 - Ephesus16

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