Ports of call – Mykonos, Greece

Oct 10 - Mykonos87The Greek island of Mykonos is part of the Cylades lying approximately 150 kilometres east of Athens in the Aegean Sea.  The largest town on the island is also called Mykonos, so it is common for towns that have the same name as the island to take a second name and it is known as Chora (‘the town’ in Greek).  There are just over 10,000 inhabitants on the island most of whom live in Mykonos.

Oct 10 - Mykonos126The Greek flag is blue and white so many of the white buildings are trimmed in blue.  The streets in the townOct 10 - Mykonos25 are narrow, with a smooth stone surface and wind their way like a maze all through the commercial area not far from the port.  Despite the streets being crowded, vehicular traffic still makes it’s way through the maze.  A toot of the horn lets people know they are coming through.  Mykonos claims to have 300 days of sunshine a year with the only rain coming in February and March.  Despite being October and the end of the tourist season most shops were open and it was pleasant sitting outside at the corner bistro.

Oct 10 - Mykonos113Oct 10 - Mykonos51Oct 10 - Mykonos34Oct 10 - Mykonos38Oct 10 - Mykonos75Oct 10 - Mykonos39Oct 10 - Mykonos50Oct 10 - Mykonos36Oct 10 - Mykonos68Oct 10 - Mykonos69Oct 10 - Mykonos70Oct 10 - Mykonos112

Oct 10 - Mykonos48Oct 10 - Mykonos13

Oct 10 - Mykonos08

Oct 10 - Mykonos11The famous ‘Kato Mili’ windmills were built on a hill above the town to catch the strong northern winds.  The windmills are capped with wood and straw and were built by the VenetiansOct 10 - Mykonos10 in the 16th century to mill flour and they remained in use until the early 20th century.  Some of the windmills have been renovated and serve as homes.

Oct 10 - Mykonos04

Oct 10 - Mykonos08Oct 10 - Mykonos89

There are rows of fishing houses with balconies hanging over the sea in an area called Little Venice.  Originally homes, many have been converted into bars, cafes, shops and galleries.

Oct 10 - Mykonos87Oct 10 - Mykonos72

Everywhere you can see the steeples and bells of small white churches that look like they have been plastered and painted, sometimes two on the same street.  There is one Catholic church on the island but most are of the Greek Orthodox faith.

Oct 10 - Mykonos85Oct 10 - Mykonos60Oct 10 - Mykonos77Oct 10 - Mykonos80

Mykonos is accessible by boat and ferries with daily service from the surrounding islands and from Athens.  Other than by water, there is a small international airport on the island which is open during the summer.  A flight to Athens takes 25 minutes.

Oct 10 - Mykonos12Oct 10 - Mykonos76Oct 10 - Mykonos100

Oct 10 - Mykonos62

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