Ports of call – Constanta, Romania

Oct 05 - bus to Bucharest06Constanta is EuropOct 05 - Constanta5e’s 4th largest port as well as Romania’s oldest city.  The nearby Danube Delta has been recognized as a world heritage site by Unesco.  For our time ashore we did an excursion to Bucharest, the capital of Romania.  Romania was described by the tour guide as plains, hills and mountains.  The plains extend from the Black Sea coast inland to around Bucharest, after which it starts to get hilly.  Much further inland in the area of Transylvania you encounter the mountains.   Half way between Constanta and Bucharest you can see the five domed towers of the Cernavoda Nuclear Facility, a Candu Reactor plant built by Canadians along the Danube River.

Oct 05 - bus from Bucharest to Costanta11

Oct 05 - bus from Bucharest to Costanta17

Oct 05 - bus to Bucharest09Oct 05 - bus to Bucharest10

Oct 05 - Bucharest14Bucharest is sometimes called the ‘Little Paris of the East’ because of the French influence with the architecture, the tree-lined boulevard similar to Paris’ Champs-Elysees andOct 05 - Bucharest01 there is even an Arch of Triumph.  There is a definite contrast of architectural styles between the 19th century buildings and the drab, gray blocks put up during the Russian occupation.

Oct 05 - Bucharest39Oct 05 - Bucharest02Oct 05 - Bucharest15Oct 05 - Bucharest27Oct 05 - Bucharest10Oct 05 - bus to Bucharest15

Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament31

The ‘House of the People’ was meant to be the seat of the communist regime in Bucharest, but was never completely finished before Romania embraced democracy.  Rather than destroy the symbol of Russian Communism it was finished to become the Palace of Parliament.  The palace is the world’s second largest civil-administraive structure after the U.S. Pentagon.  It is built entirely with materials and products from Romania, including marble, cherry and walnut paneling, crystal chandeliers, and hand-woven tapestries, carpets and draperies.

Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament33Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament20 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament19 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament17 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament16 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament12 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament11 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament08 Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament07

Nadia Comaneci's wedding reception was in this grand ballroom in 1996.

Nadia Comaneci’s wedding reception was held in this grand ballroom in 1996.

Oct 05 - Bucharest Parliament06

We had lunch in a very crowded restaurant, even Oct 05 - Bucharest restaurant14though it was after 2pm, in a beer hall bistro in one of the old buildings in downtown Bucharest.  We were entertained by dancers in period costume and also live music provided by a duo on violin and keyboard.  The luncheon special was Hungarian Goulash.

Oct 05 - Bucharest restaurant20Oct 05 - Bucharest restaurant11

Oct 05 - Bucharest restaurant12

After that it was back on the bus and the three hour drive back to Constanta where the Constellation was waiting for us.

Oct 05 - bus to Bucharest12Oct 05 - bus from Bucharest to Constanta25 Oct 05 - bus from Bucharest to Constanta22

Oct 05 - bus from Bucharest to Constanta28

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